KOOLRite™ 2560 Heavy Duty Synthetic Coolant for Cutting and Grinding

KOOLRite 2560 is a synthetic cutting fluid that replaces old style synthetics, soluble oils and semisynthetics. KOOLRite 2560 is formulated with JTM’s unique BioArmor Technology, which has outstanding bio-stability to provide complete control of bacteria without the use of bactericides. The result is a coolant that will stop sump odors, give you exceptionally long sump life and a clean, comfortable, safe work environment for machine operators.

KOOLRite 2560 is designed with new technology eliminating the use of mid- or long-chain chlorinated paraffins and sulfur for heavy duty operations on all ferrous, some aluminums and other non ferrous metals. KOOLRite 2560 is excellent for non-metallic, composite machining.

KOOLRite will reject tramp oils, allowing clean coolant to be delivered to the chip/tool interface keeping your machine tool clean with a minimum of residual film while providing excellent corrosion control.

  • Protects against sticky switches and valves. Keeps machines clean yet protected.
  • New synthetic lubricant technology provides high "EP" extreme pressure characteristics
  • Superior "Tramp Oil" rejection allows easy removal of oils, keeping machine tool and work pieces cleaner
  • Multi-metal capability. Use one coolant throughout the plant.
  • Extremely long sump life reduces coolant change-outs. Lower annual disposal fees.
  • Does not contain: sulfur, phenols, nitrites or mid- or long-chain chlorinated paraffins
  • Non-staining chemistry
  • High resistance to bacterial and fungi growth
  • Cleaner machine - tolerates hard water.
  • Low foam levels even on high pressure systems

Fully-compliant with expected EPA regulations

  • No mid- or long-chain chlorinated paraffins
  • No DCHA
  • No Bactericides
  • Already meets proposed formaldehyde standards

Recommended Starting Dilutions:


Iron & Carbon Steel High Alloy &
Stainless Steels
Tool Steels Aluminum Copper Alloys


4% to 5%

4% to 6%

5% to 6%

5% to 7%

4% to 5%

Milling, Drilling,
Turning, Cut-off, Sawing, Screw Machining

5% to 7%

7% to 8%

6% to 8%

5% to 7%

5% to 7%

Tapping, Reaming,
Broaching, and
Form Milling

5% to 7%

8% to 12%

8% to 10%

8% to 10%

5% to 7%

Directions for Use

The sump life of this coolant, as with any other coolant will be greatly enhanced if charged to a clean system. You can utilize JTM’s Sump Cleaner to disinfect your sump. KOOLRite 2560 can be metered through automatic dispensing systems available from JTM. Contact your representative regarding cleaning procedures and dispensers. Always add the KOOLRite 2560 concentrate to the water and not the water to the concentrate. Proper maintenance in removing extraneous oils is beneficial for extended coolant life. The concentration can be monitored by refractive index.



4% (1:25)

6% (1:20)

7.5% (1:14)

10% (1:10)

Brix Reading





An optical refractometer may be used for determining concentration. Brix refractive index is 1.5

Product Data

Appearance: Concentrate     
Appearance: Dilution     
pH (concentrate):     
pH (10% dilution):     
Density (lbs/gal):     
Clear Blue
Clear Blue


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