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Phoenix Oil Company, 1917

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JTM Products has been manufacturing quality industrial lubricants for more than one hundred years. Founded in 1890 as the Phoenix Oil Company, it produced the axle greases, belt dressings, and lubricants that helped the Industrial Revolution run smoothly. The company was on the leading edge in the early 1900s, when it introduced the first water-soluble cutting oil for machine tools.

In the 1920s, Murphy Oil Soap was born. Now a household word, Murphy Oil Soap has remained a favorite cleaning product with homemakers, industrial, and commercial maintenance people ever since. As a pioneer in the field of industrial chemicals, JTM's mission has been to provide products which meet the changing needs of customers. All of the formulations have played key roles in emerging technologies. JTM's line of tire mounting lubricants was introduced in the mid-1940s, just as the automobile was gaining popularity.

Through extensive research and testing, JTM Products has developed the most extensive water-soluble lubricants in the industry. Specializing in meeting each customer challenge, we have continuously upgraded and diversified our manufacturing capabilities. The resulting flexibility has allowed the company to satisfy a wide range of specialized lubricating needs for its clients. In the early 1960s, our line of pipe joint lubricants (for potable and sewer lines) was available as the home construction market was taking off and extensive improvements to water system infrastructures were being made. In response to changing corporate objectives, the Murphy Soap business was sold to Colgate-Palmolive in 1991. Since then, JTM Products has concentrated on developing its line of industrial water-soluble lubricants.

Meeting Tomorrow's Challenges Today
In the mid-2000s, JTM Products introduced KOOLRite™ Long Life Fluids and in 2018 SynMAX™ Ultimate Coolants; both product lines offering unique and innovative solutions to metal working industry challenges. We have a dedicated team focused on the metal working industry. Within the team we have a Certified Metalworking Specialist, a Certified Lubrication Specialist, and years of expertise with our chemists, sales and technical service staff. In addition to the KOOLRite and SynMAX Coolants, JTM offers a broad portfolio of metal working fluids including Swiss Cutting, Sawing and Grinding Fluids, Forming Lubricants, Rust Preventatives, Cleaners and many others.

Our goal remains the same as it was over 100 years ago….to provide quality, innovative products that meet the current and future demands of our customers and the industrial markets that we service.
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Protect Machined Products from Rusting
Protect Machined Products from Rusting

31025 Carter Street, Solon, Ohio 44139
Phone: 800-229-6744 / 440-287-2302
Fax: 440-287-3095

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