The ETNA Products Approach: Coordinated Metalworking Fluid Management

If you’ve been around metalworking long enough, you know that selecting and using coolant isn’t as simple as it sometimes is made out to be.

How many times have vendors promised that their product — and just their product — was all that would be needed to remedy whatever problem you are experiencing?

We know things aren’t that simple. That’s because we know that your success in machining depends on the management of at least five coolant-related variables: the coolant itself, your shop’s water, your shop’s coolant handling equipment, how you monitor and filter your coolant, and how efficiently you dispose of used coolant. But who’s got the time to pull together all these items?

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A call to ETNA Products provides you a coolant professional, who can coordinate the multiple disciplines a proper coolant program requires.

Your Best Answer to Expensive Coolants

There’s no ignoring the rising cost of metalworking coolants. The intelligent response is to minimize your coolant usage by coordinating coolant-related variables. This is exactly what we can do for you.

Your Coolant’s Success Depends on Five Key Variables.

The ETNA Products Approach Can Help with All of Them.

Water Conditioning Advice
Selection of a water-based coolant requires an understanding of your shop’s water. We will arrange the testing essential to optimize your coolant performance, and can recommend the appropriate equipment or service to condition your water, if needed.


Coolant Management Counseling
Maximizing your coolant’s life and performance once it’s in your sump is critical to profitability and productivity. With ETNA Products, you are not alone in this effort. We can train your people in current best practices as well as provide the ongoing support required for a successful program.


Coolant Equipment Selection
Coolant maintenance depends on pumping, storing, mixing, filtering and dispensing your metalworking fluids. We have researched this equipment with an emphasis on compatibility with your total fluid management program. We can help you make the best choice.


Coolant Disposal Efficiencies
No coolant lasts forever, so your coolant investment should also include plans for the appropriate disposal of used fluid. ETNA Products can help you minimize the amount of waste as well as offer special efficiencies through its partners to help keep disposal costs to a minimum.


Coolant Selection Assistance
Your ETNA Products representative can assess your operation and guide the choice of a KOOLRite coolant to best serve your goals based on the material you are machining, your cutting tools, operating conditions and your milling, turning or grinding equipment.

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Protect Machined Products from Rusting
Protect Machined Products from Rusting

16824 Park Circle Dr, Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44023
Phone: 800-229-3862 / 440-543-9845
Fax: 440-543-1789

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