Success Stories for KOOLRite Coolants

When was the last time a coolant made you say “WOW!”

"ETNA's new KOOLRite™ 2290 is absolutely the best coolant we have ever used on our equipment. Our sump life is easily five times longer than before with No Odor and No Bacterial Growth. KOOLRite has dramatically improved our work environment, reduced our maintenance and disposal costs, and our machining performance and tool life are excellent."

Dave Tucker, President
Haas Factory Outlet, Twinsburg, Ohio


The true test of a coolant is on the job.

That's why we enthusiastically encourage trials of KOOLRite products. For example, over 90% of the trials of KOOLRite™ 2290 have been positive, with 75% of these converting to customers!

Recent KOOLRite™ 2290 Coolant Trials

Ohio: Customer complained of sump odor using TrimSol®. KOOLRite™ 2290 was trialed. Customer comments, “Immediate improvement in shop environment. Sump odor eliminated. Machines run a lot cleaner. Operator sinus issues reduced.”

Southern California: Metals are mostly aluminum and stainless Steel. Operations included turning, milling, drilling, tapping. Customer makes parts for Boeing. Original coolant was Golden West 4630 which produced “rancid sumps”. Likes KOOLRite™ 2290 better since the sump life is longer, eliminated staining of parts, and operators like the pleasant odor, good feel on hands and way oil splits better.

Indiana: Owner is “thrilled” with KOOLRite™ 2290 compared to Blaser 2000. He cuts 90% aluminum. He likes the KOOLRite™ 2290 film better and there is no longer anything floating around in the sump. He also has seen a reduction in consumption versus the Blaser.

Rhode Island: Manufactures plumbing fixtures. Current coolant is Castrol Clearedge 6584 and Castrol Safety Cool 984 in drums. The test showed longer sump life and the operators like the smell. Metals are brass, bronze (123,836) alloys and 303 SS.

Ohio: Customer complained of poor tool life and surface finish using Blaser 4000. KOOLRite™ 2290 was trialed. Customer comments, “Saw immediate improvement in tool life and surface finish. Biggest improvement was tapping 6101-T61; material was very gummy and previous coolant did not work. KOOLRite™ 2290 did a great job. On odor, previous product and KOOLRite™ 2290 ran well for a month. After one month, previous coolant became rancid and emulsified the tramp oils. Running a belt skimmer with KOOLRite™ 2290 splits the tramp oils for removal.”

Oregon: Customer is turning 4130, 17-4,1018 and some Inconel. Likes the smell of KOOLRite™ 2290 better than CIMTECH® 315.

Indiana: Customer says that he loves KOOLRite™ 2290. He said the lack of odor is great and he stated that we have “Hit a Homerun” with this product. Metals are cold rolled Steel.

Ohio: Has replaced two Blaser products: BC 20NF and 2000 Universal. They used the BC-20NF for high pressure applications. KOOLRite™ 2290 has replace both products. Foam level is very low on high pressure, skin problems have been reduced and the operators like the feel of the product.

Ohio: Plant manager is “thrilled with both KOOLRite™ 2290 and distributor's service”. The customer had used both Spartan which smelled, and Trim® E 206 which rusted his machines. Has switched all machines and eliminated the smell and rust.

New Jersey: The ValCool® 650 smelled and had residues. They like the smell of our coolant better. They also had tried Master 585 which they did not like.

Ohio: Replaced Hangsterfers® S 500 with our KOOLRite™ 2290 because it eliminated the residue the 500 left on the machines. Machines are much cleaner. They are cutting Cu, Aluminum and 1018 Steel.

California: Changed from a ValCool® 777. Shop manager: “KOOLRite™ 2290 is a great coolant, no more allergic reaction, no bacteria buildup.” The smell is gone. They had also tried Golden West 5400.

Iowa: Plant Manager said KOOLRite™ 2290 has no odor, is an “awesome” coolant, best they've ever tested. There's no rotten egg smell like with the Towersol 340 and before that ValCool® 650.

Chicago: Changed from Fuchs ECOCOOL soluble to KOOLRite™ 2290. Found that KOOLRite™ 2290 had eliminated odor, machined well and was over $500 per drum less than Fuchs product. Works primarily aluminum.

Minnesota: Has used Hangsterfers® Neosol 300 and most recently Milacron 1060. Metals are 50% aluminum and 50% Steel. In a high production run extended tool life from 35 parts per tool to 60 per tool. Company has recycling system using centrifuge and found KOOLRite™ 2290 worked great with the system. Unlike other products they found they could leave a machine unused for a week and started it up with no foul odor.

Ohio: Using TrimSol®, switched to KOOLRite™ 2290 and eliminated smells and gummy residue. Parts were cleaner feeling. “Loves the smell of the shop now” Metals are aluminum, stainless, and tool Steels.

Ohio: Had been using Houghton Hocut® 795. Customer reports rust problems have been eliminated. KOOLRite™ 2290 has eliminated the “funkyness” in the air in the shop when he comes in in the morning.

Connecticut: KOOLRite™ 2290 replaced Rustlik® 5050 because testing proved to reduce consumption and they reported better machining on stainless.

Illinois: Uses KOOLRite™ 2290 to machine Steel. Had tested Castrol MB20 and Rustlik® WS 500A and 370R. Had experienced rust on parts and machines. Competitive products left very thick films to the point the film threw off his dimensions.

Illinois: KOOLRite™ 2290 has replaced TrimSol® because it has much better odor, doesn't leave a sticky film on machines and chips do not stick any more. Machining aluminum and stainless.

Pennsylvania: Replace Aquasol 280 with KOOLRite™ 2290. Operator eliminated skin break out using KOOLRite™ 2290. They report they are getting better machining with much less consumption of coolant with tackiness eliminated.

Indiana: While using KOOLRite™ 2290 dermatitis in shop completely cleared up. Had used a DR Lubricants synthetic. Metals are stainless and aluminum.

Pennsylvania: Using Wallover 6900 synthetic coolant experiencing shop stench and foam. Using 2290 has cleaned up the shop odor and eliminated the foam. Metals are aluminum, stainless and plastic. Also report using less coolant.

Canada: Account does deep hole boring with high pressure chipblasters. Using Hangstefers® S500 and experiencing lots of foam. With the change to KOOLRite™ 2290 chip blasters running at 800 to 1600 psi are experiencing no foam. Operators report less deposits on machines.

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