SynMAX™ Ultimate Coolants: Long Life Hybrid Semi-Synthetic Coolants

SynMAX™ Coolants Maximize Your Productivity

Up until recently, semi-synthetic fluids were considered the newest in metalworking fluid technology. They offered superior performance to their water-based predecessors, emulsifiable (soluble) and true solution synthetics. However, in recent years, a new type of hybrid formulation has emerged offering enhanced performance. These formulations include an oil-like component that is not mineral oil! The machining performance is that of an emulsifiable (soluble), but with the fluid life, corrosion protection, and cooling of a semi-synthetic and synthetic.

Hybrid semi-synthetic fluids are ideal for aerospace machining as they can deliver the lubrication required for the exotic alloys used in this market space while also providing the cooling necessary to keep up with the fast-paced machining.

ETNA Products’ newest family of fluids, SynMAX™ Ultimate Coolants fall into this category of products. They are formulated to provide the best in lubricity additives for even the most severe applications. They benefit from breakthrough technology that exceeds emulsifiable and semi-synthetics in machinability on both steel and aluminum.

Parts Per Hour of Machining

Tests Conducted by Independent Lab

Forget What You Think You Know About Traditional Metalworking Fluids!

With SynMAX Coolants you can:

  • Cut aluminum as efficiently as steel
  • Eliminate staining of sensitive metals
  • Eliminate surface and vapor phase corrosion
  • Eliminate difficult residues
  • Maintain clean machines leaving a light oil-like film to lubricate machine surfaces
  • Utilizes the most up-to-date additives to ensure health, safety, and regulatory requirements are met

Where to use SynMax Ultimate Coolants

  • Through-the-tool coolant delivery
  • Difficult-to-machine alloys (excellent for medical and aerospace)
  • When precision tolerance and high finishes are required
  • When cycle time improvements are needed
  • When tool life improvement is needed
  • Great choice for multi-metal shops
All SynMAX products meet Boeing BAC 5008 Revision U for steel, aluminum and titanium and are REACH compliant.

SynMAX™ 2505 For Moderate Machining

Best where coolant losses are high and machining operations are moderate

SynMAX™ 2515 For Heavy Duty Machining

Excellent multi-metal machining product that provides the same boost of performance on both aluminum and steel with zero oil content

SynMAX™ 2525 For Severe Duty

Maximum in machining performance ideal where severe duty machining and high productivity is the key objective and zero oil content is desired
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Protect Machined Products from Rusting
Protect Machined Products from Rusting

16824 Park Circle Dr, Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44023
Phone: 800-229-3862 / 440-543-9845
Fax: 440-543-1789

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