KOOLRite™ Long Life Semi-Synthetic Coolants

KOOLRite™ Long Life Coolants have a proven history of delivering "no excuse" performance on demanding applications...without chlorinated paraffins, DCHA or bactericides. Our emphasis on operator comfort and safety along with expert technical service has won us many enthusiastic customers.

Common Features

  • Do not contain: bactericides, chlorinated paraffin, sulfur, phenols, diethanolamine or DCHA
  • Made with the newest, safest raw materials
  • Meet REACH Standards
  • KOOLRite 2290 meets Boeing BAC-5008 standards for titanium, aluminum and steel
  • Appropriate for all metals*
    * Except magnesium

Common Advantages

  • Longer sump life – at least twice the length of your current soluble oil
  • Eliminate sump odors
  • Light oily residue to protect machine
  • Great rust inhibition
  • Work well in hard water
  • Mix easily
  • Split tramp oils

Common Benefits

  • Lower coolant usage – 15% to 40% savings
  • Safe/comfortable operator environment – minimizes skin problems
  • Easy cleanup on machines and windows
  • Make coolant treatment equipment more efficient
  • More productive machine time
  • Eliminate costly additives – i.e, biocides, defoamer and pH buffer in most cases

Unique BioArmor™ Technology

BioArmor Technology means built-in resistance to bacterial growth without the use of bactericides. Only KOOLRite has it! Competitive coolants use DCHA and other additives, which are less expensive but of questionable safety.

When operator health is a concern, there is no reason to compromise!

BioArmor Technology Shield

KOOLRite Coolant: Does not support bacterial growth

Competitive Coolant: Packed with bacteria


KOOLRite™ Semi-Synthetic Coolants (Contains Oil)

KOOLRite™ 2270 For moderate to light machining

Extremely good general purpose machining fluid. Ideal for high coolant loss applications.

KOOLRite™ 2290 For heavy to moderate machining

Excellent mutli-metal machining fluid. Ideal for the aerospace market.

KOOLRite™ 2295MAX For heavy machining

Excellent multi-metal machining fluid with additional lubrication built-in to give a boost to tool-life during more difficult operations and metals.

KOOLRite™ 2400MAX For severe machining

Top-tier product in machining performance. Used where maximizing productivity is the key objective.
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Protect Machined Products from Rusting
Protect Machined Products from Rusting

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Fax: 440-287-3095

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