Long Life Coolant Selector Guide

Refreshingly Simple!

Too many coolant manufacturers have allowed their product lines to become overwhelmingly complicated. As they try to squeeze out more and more pennies of margin per gallon of coolant sold, other manufacturers force their customers to stock multiple chemistries in order to produce their parts. But it's really just a charade. These manufacturers continue to introduce new formulas in an effort to overcome shortcomings in the performance of their existing products.

It's time to stop the madness and make yourself more competitive!

The KOOLRite product philosophy is simple and straightforward: manufacture the fewest industry-superior chemistries needed to satisfy the broadest scope of customer applications at a competitive price. The result is a limited number of high quality coolants that simplify everyone's life and saves the end user a lot of money in materials, maintenance, downtime, and disposal fees while improving the quality of life at work at the same time.

Where to Start?

No more complicated spreadsheets with 20-columns of applications and 30 different products to confuse you! It's not your fault that your coolant only does half of what you want it to do. It is the fault of the coolant. That's where KOOLRite Long-Life Coolants come in. Simply follow the following steps to determine which KOOLRite formula is best for you.

Option #1: KOOLRite 2290 Microemulsion Coolant
A huge percentage of coolant customers need a soluble oil coolant with excellent machining performance on multiple materials (Steel, stainless, copper, brass, etc.). Additionally, 2290 is non-staining, low foam, and provides stable solubility and superior bacterial control compared to any other soluble oil coolant you've ever used. KOOLRite 2290 doesn't gum up your tooling and separates out tramp oils very effectively. It truly is the answer to 90% of our customers' dreams. It is close to the “perfect” coolant for the vast majority of our customers.

Consideration: If you're machining demands are not terribly severe and you're looking to save a few dollars, look to KOOLRite 2270 (a lighter duty version of KOOLRite 2290).

Option #2: Superior Machining Synthetic Formulas
Are synthetic coolants needed in your application? Do you require high surface finishes and do you maximize tool cutting speeds? Are you utilizing high pressure delivery systems that cause foam? Then KOOLRite 2560 or KOOLRite 2560AV is the answer. Enjoy all the benefits of a premium synthetic coolant with greater application flexibility than other manufacturers' products.

KOOLRite 2560 is best when used on harder metals such as stainless, titanium, high strength Steel, etc.

KOOLRite 2560AV is an excellent synthetic for high performance cutting on all metals, including aerospace alloys, aluminum, Inconel® and titanium.

OPTION # 3: Versatile, Premium Performance Semi-Synthetics
KOOLRite 2365 provides high end machining performance on hard metals and aluminum alloys, marrying the benefits of soluble oils and synthetics.

It's That Easy!

That's all there is to it! It REALLY couldn't be any easier. Stop punishing yourself because your supplier is unable to design and produce a coolant that satisfies your demands. Switch to a KOOLRite product.

We put our product offering up against every coolant in the market and our successes are growing at an incredible rate. See our Success Stories from customers and learn about the benefits that others have experienced using KOOLRite coolants. When you read these comments, just imagine the value that your company will realize from these same benefits:

  • Eliminate the horrid stench caused by bacterial growth
  • Reduce your costs of recycling
  • Enjoy a stable coolant that doesn't require constant additions to keep it in solution
  • Improved performance of your machining operations
  • Reduce machine cleaning/maintenance time
  • Increase manufacturing up-time
  • Eliminate purchases of bactericides
  • Reduce foaming

Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about how to select the optimum coolant for your business and get started improving your machining operations.


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